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              RALSTON Alexander (1808 - 13/06/1861)   05RAA4
Father:          RALSTON             *Gavin                                     
Mother:         HUTCHI[N]SON     Sarah          (Variants: McCUTCHESON  Sara, McCUTCHEON Sally)
Siblings:       Agnes    Sarah      Hannah        Margaret         Gavin    Adam
        WYLIE    Janet Nicholson         (Variant:  ANDERSON  Jane Nicholson) (26/06/1831 Dailly,  Ayr)
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An article by Antoinette Ralston.

Alexander Ralston was born around 1808 in Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland, and died on either the 13th or 30th June 1861 at Lagg, Ayrshire. He married 26 June 1831, recorded that day at Maybole, also 27 June at Dailly, Ayrshire, Jane Nicholson Wyllie (also in the records as Jane Nicholson and Jane Anderson), born 4 October 1810, daughter of James Wyllie and Elizabeth Anderson. Jane died on 24th or 25th July 1886, aged 76 at 18 Milton Road, Ayr, Ayrshire. Alexander and Jane had thirteen children, born Maybole, between 1832 and 1856, several of whom died young. The eldest son Gavin, a farmer, died in Gippsland Hospital, Victoria in 1873, and third son William went to Australia in 1860 as an agricultural advisor.

 More is known of this family and will be told separately