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                RALSTON Gavin of Auchengrammont (04/03/1731 - 00/00/1818) 03RAG0
Father   :      RALSTON      * William                                    
Mother  :      RALSTON      Jean
Siblings:     Ursulla    Janet    Robert    Elizabeth     William    George

       HAYWOOD     Hannah (Variarions: Hanny, Hanna, Haywood, Hywood)
Issue    :
     John   * Robert    James    Jean    William   * Gavin    Hannah    Elizabeth    Alexander

Gavin Ralston
, of Auchengrammont near Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland., in 1755, in a sasine (deed or document recording a transfer) concerning land in Hamilton where his mother’s father, Robert Ralston had been a merchant, he is described as ‘Gavin Ralston, stockingmaker in Paisley, now in Draghorn (sic) in the shire of Air’, and in 1768 described as ‘sometime stockingmaker in Hamilton, now tennant Long Dreghorn’. Gavin was born on 4 Mar 1731, ‘Auchentorlie’ near Paisley, Bp. 11 Mar 1731 Abbey (Paisley), Renf. and died in the second half of 1818, then of ‘Burnfoot’, Ardrossan, Ayr.

He married Hannah (Hanna, Hanny ) Haywood (Hywood) - (said to be an English lady, but there is no evidence of this) on 14 Sep 1754 Low Parish, Paisley, Renfrewshire. (Date proclamation registered)