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                RALSTON Sarah (>1081 - 1857)   05RAS1
Father:          RALSTON             *Gavin                                     
Mother:         HUTCHI[N]SON     Sarah          (Variants: McCUTCHESON  Sara, McCUTCHEON Sally)
Siblings:      Agnes     Hannah        Margaret         Gavin       Alexander      Adam
Married :
       SPIERS    John    (27/06/1837)
      Had issue

An article by Antoinette Ralston.

Sarah Ralstonís date of birth is not known to me. Some researchers assume she is the unnamed child born 12 May 1801. Sarah Ralston married 27 June 1837 Maybole, Ayrshire, John Spiers, the marriage also recorded Kilmory, Bute. They may have had 11 children but the children found need to be confirmed as belonging to Sarah and John Spiers (add details later).

 Assuming I have the correct family, when the date that the last child was born (1857) is considered, it is likely its mother would have been born after 1801. Sarah died 1857, the cause not known to me. She was then a widow. John Spiers must have died in 1856 or 1857 for the last child to be his. The second child on my list is Gavin Spiers born 29 October 1829, the individual I suggest is the young man who died in Australia 5 Sept 1860, aged 22.

 Jennifer Bell (correspondence 1986) commented that Gavin Spiers [or Speirs] whose name appears on the Carmichael headstone at Seaham, was the son of Henryís sister whose name she didnít know, adding that Gavin was on a holiday from England and was supposed to have been killed in an accident racing carts around a paddock. It seems more likely that Gavin is Nancy Carmichaelís nephew, the son of her sister Sarah Ralston and John Spiers.