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               RALSTON Adam Hutchison (c1815 - 13/04/1883)   05RAA5
Father:          RALSTON             *Gavin                                     
Mother:         HUTCHI[N]SON     Sarah          (Variants: McCUTCHESON  Sara, McCUTCHEON Sally)
Siblings:       Agnes    Sarah      Hannah        Margaret         Gavin      Alexander
        WALKER Elizabeth McAdam Kerr  
      See below.

An article by Antoinette Ralston.

''Adam Hutchison Ralston was born around 1815 to 1816, perhaps Maybole, Ayrshire, but his birth has yet to be located. He married 1844 Dalmellington, Ayrshire, Scotland, Elizabeth McAdam Kerr Walker. Adam died 1833 Shepperton, Victoria. Elizabeth died 1891 Douin, Victoria. There were nine known children born between 1846 and 1866, the eldest, Agnes Campbell Walker, was born Dalmellington 3 January 1846, but other researchers say 1848. The family is supposed to have arrived Victoria per Mindora in 1859, aged 38, with his wife and family. However, birth locations and estimated dates from death records and other sources, suggest not yet ruling out an earlier arrival. Since a daughter Sarah Jane (fourth child) was baptised 12 October 1851, Dalrymple, Ayrshire, it is unlikely they arrived before 1852. Adamís occupation is said to have been station manager.

 While much is known of this family, there are numerous details to be clarified, particularly in relation to dates and places of birth as conflicting data exists.''