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                RALSTON William (25/01/1679 - by 14/06/1760) 02RAW0
Father   :       RALSTON *Gavin                                    
Mother  :       LOVE     Janet
Siblings:      Mary  Elspe  Jennet   Char Gavin   John   James  Agnes

       RALSTON Jean (Janet) (17/07/1719, Abbey, Paisley, Renfrewshire)
Issue    :
       Ursulla    James  Janet    Robert    Elizabeth    *Gavin     William    George  James

Note: The first 3 children Ursulla, James and Janet were born/baptised in Paisley. Only the father William Ralston was named. It is not proven/unproven that these are the children of William Ralston and Jean Ralston.

William Ralston of Auchentorlie and Seedhills, both near Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. William was in possession of some of his father's lands in 1722 before which time Gavin had probably died.

Notes about William:
1719 July 17
William Ralston, maltman & Jean Ralston were booked for proclamation in order to marriage.

Renfrewshire Minute Books of Sasines (deeds or documents recording the transfer of land)
Jean Ralston of her life rent in the lands in Seedhill 10 May 1722.

Renfrewshire Particular Register of Sasines
Glasgow 24 May 1722
...upon the 10 May 1722 compeared personallie Jean Ralstown spouse of William Ralston, maltman in Seedhill of Paslay having and holding in her hands ane contract of mariag past betwixt the sd Wm and her on the ane an other pairts dated the eleiventh day of July 1719 years thereby; in contemplation of the mariag yrin contracted and yrafter solemnised the sd Wm Ralstoun obliged him his aires to infed and sease the sd Jean Ralstoun in liferent during her life tym of all and haill an yearlie annuity of one hyndred punds Scottis money to be uplifted att twa tearmes in the year Whit Sunday and Martimas to equall portions furth of all and haill these his fyftein roods of land... being pairt of the lands of Whytfoord in Probanlaw and sicklike these his six aikers and ane half aiker of the sds lands of Whytfoord lyand nxt adjacent and contigue with the said fyftain roods... also these his dwelling houses in Seedhill 1st the barn and stable yarding and crofting els belonging and haill other houses yearding and pertinents yr to belonging and all possessit bey the sd Wm Ralstown... all lying in the regalitie of Paslay and Shirefdom of Renfrew providing always that in case yr be childrein ane or mae procreat of the sd marriage the sd annuity is restricted to ane yearlie annuitie of ane hundred marks...

Renfrewshire Minute Books of Sasines
21 Sept 1753
Seasine Robert Ralstoun, Hamilton, son of the deceased William Ralston in Seedhill of Paisley on a Disp. dated 3 May 1751, granted in his favour by the said William Ralstoun of all and haill the seven roods or thereby of Land called the provan, Cowhill, being part of the lands of Whitefoord lying within the Abbey parish of Paisley.

Notes about William's children:

William married Jean Ralston , daughter of Robert Ralston and Jean/Janet Clarke or Clerk , on 11 Jul 1719 in Abbey, Paisley, Renfrewshire. Jean was born about 1700 and died after 1753, after age 53. Baptism: Hamilton, Lanarkshire

Children from this marriage were:

Ralston was born in 1721.

Janet Ralston was born in 1723.

James Ralston was baptised in 1722

Robert Ralston of Auchentorlie was baptised on 20 Jun 1725 in Abbey, Paisley, Renfrewshire.

Elizabeth Ralston was baptised in 1728.

*Gavin Ralston of Auchangramount was born in 1731 in Paisley, died on 23 May 1818 in Aird, Inch, at age 87,
 and was buried in 1818 in Kirkcolm, Wigtonshire.

William Ralston of Towerhill was baptised in 1733 and died in 1803 in Woodhill?, Ayrshire, at age 70.

George Ralston was baptised in 1736.  Baptism: 10 Jun 1768, Dreghorn, Ayrshire

James Ralston was baptised
 1 Oct 1738 Abbey, Paisley, Renfrewshire

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