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               RALSTON Gavin (1764 - 1833) 04RAG0  
Father        :      RALSTON       *Gavin                                     
Mother       :      HEYWOOD     Hannah
Siblings     :    John    * Robert  James    Jean    William     Hannah   Agnes  Elizabeth    Alexander

(1):     Unknown (Possibly Mary)
Issue          :
     * David

(2):  HUTCHI[N]SON   Sarah        (Variants: McCUTCHESON  Sara, McCUTCHEON Sally)
Issue          :
     Agnes  Sarah  Hannah  Gavin  Alexander  Adam

Gavin Ralston is as important as his brother Robert because it is through Gavin's son David that the Ralston surname
continues to my mother's generation.

An article by Antoinette Ralston.

"Gavin used to be a common name in the Ralston family; but Gavin Ralston (1764 – 1833) can be distinguished from others with the same name, by key dates, locations and kinship. I used Maybole (Ayrshire, Scotland) for Gavin, as this is where numerous events concerning him are recorded. All these are appropriate methods, contemporary with Gavin. For example, then, a place name could be given after a person’s name as a means of identification; thus, in documents concerning his father, Gavin is recorded as in Castlehill, Maybole, Ayrshire.  

He was born August 1764, Crosshillhouse, Dreghorn Town, Ayrshire, and baptised 24 August 1764 Dreghorn, Ayrshire (OPR 589/1). He was a younger son of Gavin Ralston (born 1731), of (or in) Auchengrammont’ near Hamilton, Lanark, ‘Burnfoot, Ardrossan, Ayrshire and other places. His mother was Hannah Haywood, said to be an English lady, but this might refer to descent. Gavin Ralston (i.e. the son born 1864) died 12 January 1833, Dunduff, Ayrshire aged 68. He was buried in the Ralston family grave, Old Cemetery, Maybole.   

Gavin married (recorded 30 June 1800 Dreghorn and Kirkmichael, Ayrshire) Sarah Hutchison. She is said to be born 31 October 1777 Kirkmichael, daughter of Andrew Hutchison and Agnes Stewart. Sarah died 30 August 1858 at Lagg Parish of Maybole, Ayrshire and was buried 1 September 1858 in the Ralston family grave, Old Cemetery, Maybole. Sarah is also found as Sally McHutchon or McHutcheon.  

Gavin also had a child by a woman, possibly named Mary (name as given on Death Certificate of David Ralston). David Ralston who was born around. 1800 to 1802, is referred to half-brother of Gavin Ralston (b.c. 1806) and cousin of Janet Ralston (daughter of Robert Ralston). Mary is given on David’s Death Certificate as his mother’s name, his father being Gavin Ralston. There is no way of knowing whether the details on the death certificate are all correct. An OPR entry for Ayr, 19 September 1800, lists natural son David born to Gavin Ralston and Jean Urie. To assume he is son of Gavin Ralston (1764 - 1833) would be to do so on circumstantial evidence. 

The Disposition and Deed of Settlement of Gavin Ralston was written 9 Jan 1827, with later codicil, and recorded 14 Feb 1833, when the family were listed thus – ‘I Gavin Ralston farmer in Drumbain…my wife Sarah Hutchison…my children…Gavin, R, daughters…’ The trustees were Mrs Sarah Hutchison or Ralston, Alexander Hutchison in Woodstone, William Caldwell in Geenan and William Ralston in Culmore. There is no mention of David, however there are a number of reasons why a child might not appear on such a document – illegitimacy, out of favour, lack of knowledge, settlement taken care of other ways, and so. The trustees were kin.  

Gavin’s children by Sarah are: Agnes (Nancy) born 1801 – 1803; Hannah born about 1804, Gavin born 1806 – 1807, Margaret born 8 May 1805, Alexander born 1808, Adam born 1815 – 1816, and Sarah whose birth date is not known to me."

Gavin's eldest son (Gavin 05RAG4) was born in Ayrshire c1805 and came to Tasmania on the Greenock arriving at Hobart Town from Leith, Scotland on 28/04.

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