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                RALSTON Gordon Alexander (03/05/1892 - 09/10/1980)  08RAG0
Father   :    RALSTON          *Alexander                                    
Mother  :   GILES                  Ada Eliza
Siblings:   Elizabeth    Catherine    Mildred      Russell    Jean    Norman

Married :
   Elcocks (Elcox)   Flora ( 27/12/1918 Coatbridge, Scotland)
Issue     :
   * Agnes   Winston    Dorothy    Flora-Joyce (Polly)    Ann    Coral    Heather

Gordon Alexander Ralston was born at Glenmore, south of Hagley. Tasmania 3rd may 1882
Gordon farmed on his parents property at Rosehill at Dunorlin, He was in military service from
1915-1919, serving and being injured in Europe.  He met and married Flora Elcox in 1918 while stationed in England.
He and Flora returned to Rosehill and moved to their own farm Roslyn at Moltema, Tasmania where he farmed and
reared his family before finally selling and moving to Blaydon St. Kingsmeadows, Launceston.

Part of an extract of Gordon's marriage certificate

Unit :               26 Infantry Battalion - 1 to 8 Reinforcements (June 1915 - January 1916)
                        12th Battalion 11/8/15 - 8/7/19
Ship Name:   HMAT Ulysses. No A38    27 October 1915 from Melbourne

With Flora and if the child pictured is first born Agnes, Gordon would be about 30

With Flora at Roslyn. Gordon owned an A Model Ford, later a 1934 Model V8 Ford and in 1938 bought a new Ford V8

Christmas Day at Roslyn, 1950, making Gordon 58. Coral, Joy, Dorothy in front. Agnes, Flora, Heather, Winston
and grandchild probably Winston's third daughter Nyree who had been born in March that year.

As Above

Winston described this Christmas Day as follows. "...Ralston family to celebrate Christmas at Roslyn. There were a few of the grandchildren as well, so Dad played Santa. He got dressed away from the kiddies, went a part down our lane and was driven up in Coral and husband's convertible with hood down, much to the delight of all."

Ralston, Winston, A Boots Sail on The River, Shoes Sail On The Sea. pp53,54

Playing Santa and entertaining the grandchildren - Probably John Wood at back with Peter Guest to his left and
Nyree Ralston at the front. The other two girls could be Roslyn Wood or Janine Ralston.

Gordon sold Roslyn a year or so after this Christmas and moved to Blaydon St., Kings Meadows.
At age 60 he tired of town life and bought a farm at Mole Creek with son-in-law George Christie.
He had a heart attack warning and sold the farm, returning to Blaydon St to establish a profitable vegetable garden.

Early 1960s with family at View Bank - Agnes, Dorothy, Polly, Winston, Coral, Ann and Heather.

Christmas 1969 at Lilydale, home of daughter Coral with Flora at the rear.
Grand-daughter Jill Foster in front.

In a favourite chair at home in Blaydon St., Kings, Meadows Launceston

               With eldest daughter Agnes. Aged late 70's

After the Blaydon Street home was sold Gordon went to a home at Evandale where he was visited and taken on trips by of his family. Don Guest who lived in Evandale even made sure his racecourse bets were laid. This was the same hospital that my other grandfather Percy Guest had been sent to in order to recuperate from tuberculosis.

                                                     Christmas 1979 with Flora - Gordon's last Christmas.

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