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                ELCOCKS Flora     (23/12/1895 - 07/071984)      08ELF0
Father   :   ELCOCKS       *John Henry                                      
Mother  :   CARTWRIGHT    Agnes        
Siblings:   Willie William ? (Step-brother)

Married :
   RALSTON   Gordon Alexander
Issue     :
   * Agnes    Winston    Dorothy    Flora-Joyce (Polly)    Ann    Coral    Heather

Born at 6.45 pm Paterson's Land, Holytown Bridge, District of Holytown in the County of Lanark

Section of an Extract of Birth Certificate.

Extract from Marriage Certificate.

With Gordon and presumably first born Agnes about 1922

Lawn at Roslyn

With grandson Peter Guest about 1948

With daughter Agnes, grandson peter and great-grandson Mathew in 1976

                                    Christmas at Rose Hill, Evandale.

After it was decided Gordon should go to a home at Evandale, Flora moved to a private unit
for over twelve months until a unit became available at a Presbyterian home at Norwood,

          Birthday 1981, aged 86 with grandson Vaughan Ralston

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