Places: View Bank, Evandale, Tasmania
Originally View Bank but usually Viewbank in my time.

Early Days

Lot 12 - 1889

Lot 12 - 1889
James Heyes was a mechanical engineer who had settled at Exton, near Westbury where his son Charles was born in 1855. James moved his family to the Evandale district in 1869. His wife, Mary Gould Heyes died at Evandale on 11July 1880 aged 60. Daughter Mary Ann never married and died 14 January 1896, aged 36. Another daughter, Elizabeth Sarah, married Jeffrey Benjamin Atkins.

James and son Charles leased lot 11 ,198 acres,2 roods, 38 perches.

They also leased lot 12. This second lot had an area of 172 acres with a yearly rental of
70 , (less 20 to be laid out in improvements). It was divided into three well-fenced paddocks, had a permanent water supply and was situated less than half a mile from the Evandale township. About two-thirds was under cultivation and the farm had produced good crops for several years. The homestead of on lot 12 consisted of a very comfortable four-roomed cottage with kitchen attached, in first class condition, a five stall stable and out buildings. Lot 12 was sold for 8 per acre and the farm was known as View Bank. Lot 13 was added to View Bank at a later date.

                                The comfortable 4 room cottage on View Bank 1940's featuring Percy and Eva Guest.
                                                        Eva wrote on the back, "Remember this day?"

The Homestead Surrounds (about 1950-70)

                                                      The Homestead as I remember it
Note: The ponds were intermittent and were disused gravel pits.

Auction Day - Implement shed and barn.

Auction Day - Old stables and sheep yards.

Auction Day - Stables/barn and implement shed

Auction Day - Implement shed. Louise Guest on the David Brown tractor sold to Dad by Winston Ralston.

Drenching in the early 70's. Don Guest on left and me drenching.

Original shearing shed on the left with old barns on the right -1940's

Old barn behind and the Mussett hut on the right. Col Guest flanked by Les and son, Bob Wells - 1940's

Old shearing shed with the Maple Leaf truck.

The new shearing shed (Edited photo)

View from the turning circle. Implement shed to left and barn/stables to the right. About 1963. (Edited photo)

From back yard about 1958 looking towards the old shearing shed. (Edited photo)

Back yard view of the dairy about 1959. Notice the new white fence. (Edited photo)

1951 view of the homestead and dairy. (Edited photo)

Looking towards the ramp and lane. (Edited photo)

The path on leading to the chook shed, clothes line and cowshed. (Edited photo)

The cowshed. (Edited photo)

The Homestead

Main entrance from back yard - about 1955 (Edited photo)

Penny Hart's drawing of the back of View Bank although the 'back' was the main entrance in my time.


Christmas about 1973 (Edited photo)

An internal plan of the homestead in my time.

Bedroom 1 looking through the Lounge door towards the door to Bedroom 2. Dinky the cat keeping guard.
About 1972 Christmas Day. Mum and Dad's bedroom. - (Edited photo)

Kitchen looking at the Lounge and Hall doors. About 1964 (Edited photo)

Louise Guest in the Dining Room. Bay window behind photographer.

Bed Room 3 about 1972 (Edited photo)

Any View Bank photos would be greatly appreciated.

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