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                  KEATING   Harriett  (00/00/1852 - 24/04/1910)      07KEH0
Father   :  KEATING     Robert (1815)                                           
Mother  :  JULIAN        Margaret (1825)
Siblings:   F (1855),    Joseph (1859)   

Married :
   GUEST    *William  (21/2/1878,  Independent Church, Tamar St. Launceston)
Issue     :
    Florence,  William,  Mary,  John  William,  Claude, * Charles (Percy),   Margaret


Harriett married William Guest   21/2/1878 in the Independent Church, Tamar St. Launceston in the presence of William Sullivan and MA Sullivan.

Harriett died 24/4/1910 aged 58 and is buried in Carrick St Andrews Anglican Cemetery