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                GUEST Percy Charles (13/03/1891 - 09/08/1965)    08GUC1
Father   :   GUEST     *William                                           
Mother  :   KEATING  Harriett
Siblings:   Florence  Robert  Mary  John  William  Claude  Margaret   

    FRANKLIN    Eva Susan Mary (16/09/1915, Presbyterian Church Evandale)
Issue    :
    *Donald    Colin


Born Charles Guest but known as Percy

                                        "Eva and Percy Guest with Don (R) and Col Guest 1920's."
Assuming Don is 8 in this picture, Percy would be 34 and Eva 30.

Percy was a committee member of the Evandale Show Society in 1921 and was treasurer in 1929 [E.A.Soc. 1868-1988, 120 years.]

By 1925, a year after Eva's father Edward's death the Assessment Rolls show that Eva has inherited all of Edward's properties including one previously owned by her uncle, James Cox Franklin.  Percy Guest is recorded as the occupier.

                             ( From the Evandale History Society ). "Perc, Jim Green and Dad."
is Percy Charles Guest and Dad is Edward Franklin: husband and father of Eva Franklin respectively.
Not sure who Jim Green is. Photo taken at Edward's house on land that fronted onto Russell St. and backed onto Collins St., Evandale.

Percy and Eva are recorded as owning or working most these properties until about 1945. A cottage in Russell St owned by Eva Guest was occupied by Norman Dennis in 1930 and in 1935 Percy was recorded as the occupant of a further 17 acres owned by Miss Nettie Boyes.

By 1940 Percy and Eva appear to have disposed of their house in Russell St and one Russell St allotment but retain allotments in Russell St and Collins St. probably backing on to each other. Percy is also recorded as the occupant of the following:

Notice that Percy and Eva only bought 3 acres of View Bank including the 4 roomed cottage - below.

                 Percy and Eva on the veranda of their View Bank cottage before its renovation.
                        Eva has written on the back of the photo, "Do you remember this day!"

In 1947 Percy and Eva still own their 2 allotments and 3 acres with cottage on View Bank and Percy is recorded as the occupant of the following land:

Also in  1947 Percy's son Donald is recorded as the occupant of a house on less than 1 acre, near View Bank Evandale, owned by William John Hawley, Ridgeside Evandale. This would be Glenthorne, the house at the top gate.

An interesting note collected by the Evandale History Society states that, "Percy Guest was a butcher in the 1950's. He worked for Peter Nesbit, who owned the butcher shop. Ted Chamberlain also worked there. The shop was in Russell St. ...[Don Eady]."


                                                       About 50

                                                 About 1940 making Colin 21 and Percy 49 at View Bank

"Pop Guest, Nan Guest, Col, Anne Manning". Front yard of View Bank with the bay window behind.

                                "Carting wood out of Reeds (Logan). Les and Bob Wells."
Les and Bob Wells quite often worked for Percy and other farmers in the district. 'Reeds' refers to Henry Reed
who was the son of Henry Reed who brought Percy's grandfather William Guest to Launceston in 1843 as a Bounty Immigrant.

Percy's diary. Click here for more detail
                                              (May take some time to load as some files are quite large)

                                                        "Pop Guest's sisters. Florence, Margaret and Mary."

                        "Pop Guest, Don."
At Don's wedding in 1943 at Deloraine.  Girl is most likely Anne Manning

At View Bank

                                                                        An interesting invitation.

After leaving View Bank, Percy and Eva built this house on the Brookside property just south of Evandale. The photo on the left was taken in 2008 and the window is easily identifiable in the photo of Eva (centre) on the right.

Looking from near Brookside towards Evandale (P Guest 2008). These paddocks were farmed by Franklins and Guests. They were locally known as Guest's Paddocks at one stage.

Percy suffered from tuberculosis and in all my memories of him, he is wearing his dressing gown. He spent some time at the hospital near Evandale and later left Brookside to live in Devonport. His son Colin and his wife Jenny farmed Brookside before selling and also moving to Devonport.

Extract from Army records
GUEST PERCY CHARLES : Service Number - T34460 : Date of birth - 13 Mar 1891 : Place of birth - CARRICK TAS : Place of enlistment - EVANDALE TAS : Next of Kin - GUEST EVA

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