Sources and Links:

1. Mum's Stuff
Boxes of photos and notes she had collected over many years for the Ralston, Guest, Franklin and Daw families including a reasonably detailed chart of the Ralston family tree. (See  below). Her collection has been my inspiration to make a start on this project.


2. Fanny Daw's Album


Wherever I have used photos from this album, I have included captions / comments in quotation marks.

3.  An excellent book by Anntoinette Ralston.

                        Christmas Present!   Christmas Present!

John Ralston's life is wonderfully presented in this must have book by Anntoinette Ralston. With a focus on the life of John Ralston it also provides a carefully researched and comprehensive history of this family. Apart from permission to use some photos and information from this book, Anntoinette has been of great assistance to me in the accuracy of the Ralston information in this site. Accurate bits are Anntoinette's; errors are mine!

The book can only be purchased by contacting Anntoinette Ralston at:   

               PO Box 70, Shearwater, Tasmania 7307, Australia  

                                   Only    $50 + p&p

        This book is a must for anyone interested in the Ralston family


4. Ralston, Winston, A.  Boots Sail on The River, Shoes Sail On The Sea, Kingston Digital

A fascinating life story written by Winston Ralston (1921 - 2006). Proudly Tasmanian born and bred, Uncle Winston presents a detailed account of life in Northern Tasmania from and his time served in WW2.

Winston's wife, Nola, has also been most helpful - Thanks. 

5. Reverend Robert Russell's Photo Album (Russell Collection)
A gift from Rev Robert Russell to the people of Evandale. It contains many photos of Ralstons and is held at the Evandale Museum.

Reverend Robert Russell was Minister of Evandale Presbyterian Church from 1838-1893.
A monument to him dominates the entrance to the church.

6. A website by Bruce Ralston from New Zealand
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Contains great detail on the Ralstons compiled after decades of careful research.

7.   An excellent account by Lorna Henderson of the Daw / Dawe family
http://lornahen.com/ (This hyperlink will open a new window)
8.  Useful research sites
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                                                Many conversations with helpful friends and relatives.

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