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Detail of Fanny Daw's Diary

Fanny Elizabeth Franklin's (nee Daw/e) Album

(My Great Grandmother)

A beautiful leather bound album. Unfortunately time and inquisitive hands have taken their toll.
Fannny Franklin (nee Dawe), her daughter Eva Guest (nee Franklin) and my mother Agnes Guest (nee Ralston) all
contributed to identifying the portraits but unfortunately some still remain unidentified or unknown.

Inscription on inside cover.

"Ms E Franklin a present from her Dear Mama Dec 25th 1884 Clarendon"

Ms E Franklin is Eva Susan Mary Franklin and Mama is her mother Fanny Elizabeth Dawe

p 1            Fred Turner

pp 2-3                    Mr Thomas Tuck                                                    Mrs Tuck (Susan)

pp 4-5                 Linda Heyes        Baby Tongs (Emma Minna Roberts 9 mths)       Len & Alvie
                                                                                                       Uncle Will                   Aunt Alice

Note. While titled Baby Tongs, the back of the photo was clearly titled 'Emma Minna Roberts 9 mths'

pp 6-6            Len Tongs            Jack Tongs                                        Emily Richardson
                    Aunt Alice Gill          John Tongs

pp 8-9           Unknown 01                 Edie Dowie                                        Unknown 02
        Uncle Will and Aunt Sarah     Jack Cosgrove

pp 10-11                Grand Dad Dawe                                                Jack Wilson Queensland

pp 12-13                David Murray                                            Dave Dawe           Alice Drake, Mum Patterson (side)
                                                                          Mary Ann Cox (Grannie Franklin)        Baby Fanny Tuck

pp 14-15        Mr Guttridge        Mrs Guttridge                                Dad                        Mother
                        Unknown 03        Julia (Hard to Read)

pp 16-17        Unknown 04        Unknown 05                                                    Aunt Betsy

pp 18-19                      May Gutteridge                                                                Eva Franklin

pp 20-21  Unknown 06  - Bright pink dress,                                 Henry Dowie                Eva Dowie
                 booties and ribbons.  White apron                     Mrs William Sidebottom       Jack Porter

pp 22-23        Mr Thomas Tuck        Unknown 07                    Aunt Sarah Daw         Uncle Will Daw
                 Grandfather Franklin     Grand Mother Franklin       Dad and Mother on Honeymoon
                                                                                                                                          Dad and UncleWill Daw

pp 24-25        Fanny Franklin            Unknown 08                                    Unknown 10
                        Hilda Roberts             Unknown 09

pp 26-27              George     Maud Patterson                                          Unknown 11

pp 28-29                    Unknown 11                                                  Fred Turner (Tanner?) Williamstown

p 30-31            Fay Susan and Reg Gill                                                     Charles Franklin

p 32                        Uncle Will Franklin

                                                                                    Back cover and spine

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