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RALSTON  Family Tree
Branch 06-

                                                           Issue of Sarah Ralston and Thomas Watson Bruce
06 BRUCE                            
                                                                                                         Elizabeth       Janetta       Margaret

                                                                                                         1845-?           1849-1926    1850-?
                                                                                                          06BRE1         06BRJ0          06BRM0        
                                                                                                          m1875            m1875          m1876
                                                                                                        George           William       George
                                                                                                        Freeling         Tyrone         William
                                           WELCH         FERRAR    HUTCHINS
                                                                                                        c1846-?           1849-1917           ?-?
                                                                                                        06WEG0            06FEW0          06HUG0        


Newspaper clipping:
"HUTCHINS-BRUCE on the 17th of February (1876), at St Marks Church, Balclutha, by the Rev. C.F. Withey , George William Hutchins, to Margaret, youngest daughter of Mr T.W. Bruce."