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    GUEST  Family Tree
Branch 08-1

                                  Issue of Thomas Guest and Frances Eastoe                                                          
                                                                       08 GUEST
                                                                          Elizabeth       William        Thomas
                                                                           Eastoe          George
                                                                        1878-1952       1880-1950     1881-1949
                                                                         08GUE0            08GUW1        08GUT0
                                                                             m1907                                   m
                                                                         George                                  Millie
                                                                     JOHNSTON                         TURNER
                                                                        1885 -1952                              ?-1982

                                          09 JOHNSTON
                                               Iris               Henry         Charles          Lorna
                                        Elizabeth        Thomas        Wesley          Frances
                                          1909-?           1911-1994      1913-?             1917-?
                                           09JOI0           09JOH0          09JOC0            09JOL0


Guest, Thomas (08GUT0) died in St Kilda in 1949 aged 67, Reg No 9175
Eastoe, Frances (07EAF0) m(2)1883 BLAZELY, Henry (07BLH0) , m(3)1890 FROST Charles (07FRC0)