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    GUEST  Family Tree
Branch 09-1

 Issue of Florence Guest and William  Hart                                                                          
 09 HART                              
  (Note: William had previously been married to Sarah Emblyne RICHARDSON. One son William b 1894)                                                                
          Mary             Percy           Florence      Robert             Ruby             Harold     Gwendoline    Edna
          Ann                                      Maud         James            Grace            George       Martha           Violet

         Maria                                                                                                       (Toby)
      1896-1993      1898-1993     1900-1940      1901-?             1909-?           1910-1983    1912-1965    1914-1931
       09HAM0          09HAP0         09HAF0          09HAR0          09HAR1           09HAH0       09HAG0         09HAE0
     m(1)1918         m1925             m1922          m                 m (1)1930          m1948           m1936                              
     Richard          Charlotte      Charles          Elsie             David               Ola             Trevor
        Henry             Daisy            David                                   (Jack)             Mary             (Bill)
      Robinson                                                                           (John)
 CUNNINGHAM PERKINS        COX            WOOD          WILKIE          COOPER    HOGARTH
                            1900-1985        1893-?                                                                                1906-?
        09CUR0           09PEC0         09COC0        09WOE1         09WID0           09COO0         09HOT0

Br 10-1          Br 10-2          Br 10-3        Br 10-4         Br 10-5            Br 10-6        Br 10-7
(2)                                                                               m(2)1955         
       Harold                                                                               Vickers

    HOLLIDAY                                                                             REID
      09HOH0                                                                                09REV0