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               RALSTON Gavin of Honeybog  (? - <1722) 01RAG0
Father   :     Unknown                              
Mother  :     Unknown

    LOVE    Janet
Issue    :
    Mary  Elspe Jennet  Char  *William   Gavin  John  James Agnes

"The Highest probability is that Gavin Ralston of Honeybog is as the earlier historians say, a great grandson of Hew Ralston of that ilk and Janet Hamilton. ....the problem is identifying the father and grandfather. " ( Anntoinette Ralston)

Historians differ as to the history of the Ralstons before Gavin of Honeybog but much is known. To find out more, I suggest reading Anntoinette Ralston's book or visiting Bruce Ralston's website (see sources for details), will provide some information, especially about the location of Ralston lands. (Note:This link will open a new window.)

The ancient feudal estates of Ralphistoun (Ralph's settlement) were named after the younger son of the Earl of Fife, to whom the lands were gifted in the early 12th century. The feudal estates included the lands of Honeybog near the town of Paisley in Renfrewshire, Scotland.

When the use of surnames was adopted in the Scottish Lowlands, the descendants of the Earl's younger son named themselves 'Ralston' after their estates. The lands remained in the Ralston family until 1704

Gavin was in the lands of Ralston in 1679 by which time he had five children. His son William was in possession of some of his lands in 1722 before which time Gavin had probably died.

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