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                GUEST   William   (09/02/1819 - 00/00/0000)     06GUW0
Father   :     GUEST           Unknown                                            
Mother  :     UNKNOWN   (Could be Nancy)
Siblings:     UNKNOWN   

Married :
     McINTYRE    Mary Ann (17th May, 1847, Longford)
Issue     :
     Thomas   * William    John (Unproven)

William was born in Pontefract Yorkshire. (Agnes Guest left hand written notes clearly stating he was born on 19/2/1819 but I have been unable to verify this although the age given on his 1847 marriage certificate is 28 making his birth date 1819).

William's date and place of death are unknown to me. William departed Launceston to Melbourne on the City of Melbourne on 11/1/1852 and, at this stage, I am unable to find records of his death in Tasmania or Victoria. It is possible he returned to England.

In 1843 he was brought to Australia as a free man by the millionaire and evangelist Henry Reed (1806-1880) . Henry Reed is a fascinating character and the books about him make interesting reading. He pioneered many areas and had properties such as Rockliff Vale and Logan in the Evandale/Nile area and Norfolk Plains near where Longford stands. He pioneered farms Wesley Dale and Dunorlin in the Deloraine district. While Henry Reed used convict labour extensively he also used indentured labour as convicts started to become scarce.

Henry Reed  brought William Guest to Launceston as a Bounty Immigrant.


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William Guest arrived in Launceston from London aboard the barque Elizabeth and Jane on 8th or 9th February 1843 as a "Bounty Immigrant."

Bounty immigrants were free immigrants whose passage was paid by the colonial government under the `bounty scheme'. Under this scheme, an incentive or reward (i.e. bounty) was paid to recruiting agents in Britain to find suitable skilled labour and trades people, then ship them out to the new colony which urgently needed the working class people to do the manual labour in this new and untouched land. Henry Reed had returned to England in 1840 before returning to Launceston in 1843. It was probably during this time that he arranged for William and many others to come to Launceston.

Bounties were paid to the ships' masters for the safe delivery of their passengers under the scheme. The typical bounty was 19 for an adult and 5  for a child. Under the `bounty scheme' newly married couples, or single men and women were given preference. Large families were rarely accepted. Selected immigrants were generally shepherds, ploughmen and agricultural labourers, with a lesser number of trades people such as brick makers, carpenters, blacksmiths, tailors and needlewomen.

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This entry shows that William was unmarried, was to be paid eight shillings per week,  was a maltster by occupation and was to be employed by Henry Reed.

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This record show that William was 24 years old on arrival. A maltster selected cereals, mainly barley, from the growing fields, for malting. The barley could also be grown on a brewers premise. The maltster would then modify the barley, using nature as part of the process, to allow the brew master to be able to make beer from it. The barley was malted to the brew masters specification, to ensure the brew master being able to produce the beer flavor, and alcohol content he desired.

As yet it is not sure whether William worked at one of Reed's farms (most likely Wesley Dale as this was going through a building phase after Reed's return in 1843).

William's voyage out was not without incident.

"On her passage to Launceston the Elizabeth and Jane had rescued the 14 crew of the Martha of Jersey, wrecked on Bonavista. They had been landed at St Jago."

Also, the Elizabeth and Jane was not afloat for much longer. On Aug 27 1844 the Widgeon reported the Elizabeth and Jane was stranded at Circular Head. The schooner Mary Jane was later reported to have gone  ashore at the same time and place, but was soon refloated undamaged. Elizabeth and Jane was refloated by mid September, reported badly damaged and condemned and auctioned to Mr.Gibbons for 220 including stores. The Widgeon also foundered off Circular Head while laden with shells about the end of November1844.

In 1847 William  married Mary Ann McIntyre who was a convict from Edinburgh.

GUEST William free McINTYRE Mary Angelina 00 APR 1847

Archives Office of Tasmania - Index to Convict Applications For Permissions to Marry 1829-1857

They married at Longford in Christ Church (Anglican) on May 17 1847. The church (below) is a sandstone building which dates from 1839. The church clock and bell were both gifts from George IV and its stained glass window is impressive.

                                                                           Christ's Church, Longford

William made his mark 'X' for a signature in the presence of Edward Rainy and Mary Wilson who also signed with a 'X'. An Edward Philip Rainy had a child baptised in Longford on February 1845 and was a school master.

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Name: William Guest
Age: 24
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1817
Gender: Male
Civil Parish: Pontefract
Hundred: Osgoldcross (Upper Division)
County/Island: Yorkshire
Country: England
Registration district: Pontefract
Sub registration district: Pontefract
Household Members:
Name Age
Nancy Guest 70
William Guest 24

Ancestry 1841 English Census. It is not confirmed that this is the same William Guest and most likely is not.

The following is an email reply from a request to British Ancestors.

''Thank you for your email to British Ancestors. I referred your query to one of our Yorkshire researchers and had the following reply: 'I've had a look at this and I don't think we can help. There is no Wm Guest bapt at Pontefract CoE church 1810-30 inclusive and there are no surviving nonconformist registers for Pontefract at Wakefield prior to 1843. The client mentions a candidate Wm Guest on the 1841 Census at Pontefract but he was enumerated as born in Ireland.''

William, departed Launceston to Melbourne on the City of Melbourne on 11January1852 and it is possible he didn't return to Tasmania. I have no record of him after his departure.

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