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                GUEST Robert William (05/10/1878 - 15/08/1960)    08GUR0
Father   :   GUEST     *William                                           
Mother  :   KEATING  Harriett
Siblings:   Florence   Mary   John   William   Claude   Percy (Charles)   Margaret   

    BODKIN Kathleen (04/01/1903, Carrick Tasmania)
Issue    :
    Robert (Ray, AKA Robert Raymond Richards)


Robert's birth was registered in Westbury, Tasmania, 1878 (2169). On his son's birth certificate, Robert registered his birthplace as Oaks, Tasmania. Oaks is near Carrick and half way between Westbury and Longford.

He fought in the Transvaal War in South Africa, making two tours of duty:

1. First Tasmanian Imperial Bushmen - April 6 1900 to Aug 5 1901
2. Third Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (Tasmanian) - April 8 1902 to Aug 9 1902


       RG Guest Plate XXIV (17) p.275                             RW Guest Plate XLV111 (8) p.411
    First Tasmanian Imperial Bushmen                          E Squadron, Third Battalion A.C.H

Both of the above photos are from Tasmanians in the Transvaal War, John Bufton,1905 and although the photo on the left is named RG Guest, there is little doubt both photographs are Robert William. Apart from the obvious similarities, Robert William is the only Guest to have served in either unit.

During his first tour Robert was involved in a "Nasty Incident"

"Examiner" October 10 1901 and quoted in Tasmanians in the Transvaal War, John Bufton,1905 p 317


Robert gave his present permanent address as Evandale on his enlistment form for the second tour (above) and was most likely staying with his sister Florence who had married William Hart of Trafalgar, Evandale in 1895. Note, his trade was listed as an engine cleaner.

A portrait taken in Hobart, probably 1902 when he enlisted there.
(Photo courtesy of grandson Robert Henry Guest of NZ)

The photographer is from Launceston so this photo was probably taken before Robert enlisted. Cyclist is unknown.

Portrait and detail of Robert William.
He arrived in NZ, before1909, and was the proprietor of the Masonic Hotel in Cuba St for many years.

Robert (c60) with son Robert Raymond (Ray) and grandson Robert Henry (Bob) (c1948)

Robert's son Robert Raymond (Ray) with wife Lillian Whittle and in a 1971 passport photo.

Robert's granddaughter, Helen, who passed away, aged 17, in 1960 - the same year as Robert

Robert's grandson, Robert Henry and wife Shona May Loughnane 1943-1986

Robert's great grandson Darryn with wife Anna and family Casey Jackson and Chrystie Guest.

The following information of note is on Robert's death certificate:

1.  Died :                    15/08/1960 aged 80
2.  Occupation:          Hotel Proprietor (Ex-serviceman)
3.  Religion:               Anglican
4.  Where Born:         Hobart, Tasmania
5.  Age Married:       28
6.  How Long in NZ: 45 years
7.  Issue Living:         44 year old male
8.  No surviving widow.


Items 6 and 7 show some inconsistencies in dates as they suggest that Robert arrived in NZ c1915 and that his son Robert Raymond was 44 in 1960. Robert Raymond's birth certificate states that he was born 08/08/1909 at 156 Adelaide Road, Wellington so Robert William must have arrived in NZ before 1909 and Robert Raymond would have been 51 at the time of his father's death.

Item 4 also suggests he was born in Hobart which is doubtful. There was another William Robert Guest born in Hobart at that time but he was still in Tasmania by the time Robert had moved to NZ. Robert would have been 81 at time of death, not 80 as stated. He would have been 25 if he married in 1903 and not 28 as item 5 suggests.

Robert William died in the Wellington Public Hospital and had arrived there from the Manly Convalescent Home, Paraparauma, having been ill for some time so it is possible that either Robert or medical staff were uncertain about his key dates and place of birth.


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