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                GUEST Donald Edward  (16/02/1917 - 30/03/1986)    09GUD0
Father   :  GUEST   * Percy  Charles                                     
Mother  :  FRANKLIN     Eva Susan Mary
Siblings:  Colin   

Married :
  RALSTON    Agnes Elcox
Issue     :
  Peter    Michael     Phillip

                                                                    "Don Guest as a baby 1917"

                                   Donald Edward Guest  with his Grandfather Edward Franklin. - 1917

                                        "Eva and Percy Guest with Don (R) and Col Guest 1920's."

Don and Col in their teens

"Don and Col Guest - 1940"  age 23

                                        With Eva at View Bank and portrait in1941

                                                                            Aged 25 - 1942

                                    Don and Col with mother Eva - View Bank with the garage in background

                                                                                    "Don, View Bank"

                                  A stop off at the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

                        "Arch Manning & yours only"

Ann Ralston and Don

                                                                                With Agnes at View Bank

In 1947 Donald is recorded as the occupant of a house on less than 1 acre, near View Bank Evandale, owned by William John Hawley, "Ridgeside" Evandale. This would be Glenthorn, the house at the top gate.

               With Agnes - not sure where

Wedding 29th April1943, Deloraine.


Military Record

Corporal, DONALD EDWARD GUEST, 30467

Service Royal Australian Air Force
Date of Birth 13 February 1917
Place of Birth EVANDALE, TAS
Date of Enlistment 26 July 1940
Locality on Enlistment EVANDALE, TAS
Place of Enlistment LAUNCESTON
Next of Kin GUEST, AGNES
Date of Discharge 1 March 1945
Posting at Discharge 6 RECRUIT CENTRE






                                               With RAAF mates - front row, 2nd from right

Don on the left, unknown and John Ware next to Col. John was one of Col's best friends
during the war and also his best man. He lived in Victoria.

Don, Agnes and Col - Someone didn't want to be photographed!
View Bank turning circle with garage in background.

                    Don at Roslyn

About 1948 with first son Peter at View Bank- Aged 31

Second son Michael was born in 1950 when don Agnes and Peter were still living at Glenthorn, the house at the top gate of View Bank. Shortly after they moved to View Bank and Don's parents moved to Brookside about 1 km south of Evandale on the Nile Road.

Still on rations in 1948

Off to NZ 1952

Member of an ANZAC delegation to NZ in 1952. - Age 35

                  Peter, Colin,  Philip and Don -probably Lake Sorell about 1956

About 39 with Peter at back and Philip and Michael

Fly fishing about 1958

On the way to the dairy - View Bank

With the family at View Bank dining room about 1960.

     With Bert Wood and Bruce Wood (cowboy) at Hadspen about 1962

        Conference for councilors? Not sure where or when. Don was an Evandale Councilor for many years.

At Peter's wedding reception 1973

Drenching sheep at View Bank looking towards the cottage. About 1970

                                         With Agnes at Philip's 21st - Dec 1972, shearing shed.

At Peter's house in Sculthorpe Place, Launceston.

                         "Swan Hill 1973" - Aged 56

After the sale of View Bank to Alf and Rodney Wilkes of Cambock, Don and Agnes built on a block of land next to the iconic Evandale water tower. This house was called Rose Hill.

                              With daughter-in-law Helen.

60th Birthday party 1977 with Agnes and Bert Wood at Peter's house in Sculthorpe Place, Launceston.

60th. Peter Philip and Michael at back and daughter's-in-law Helen and Christine either side.

With great relatives, neighbours and friends.

Back:  Ola Hart, Bruce Littlejohn, Agnes, Lil Littlejohn, Bruce Stancombe.
Front:  Toby Hart and Don.
Presumably Sheila Stancombe took the photo

                                                      At Rose Hill, Evandale about 1981 - Aged c64

Don had treatment for angina for many years and suffered a heart attack at Rose Hill, Evandale. After about a week in hospital, he passed away on
30/03/1986, much loved by all.

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