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                GUEST Colin Franklin  ( 12/02/1919 - 24/08/1987 )      09GUC0
Father   :   GUEST    * Percy  Charles                                     
Mother  :   FRANKLIN   Eva Susan Mary
Siblings:   * Donald   

Married :
  JONES    Jenny
Issue     :

                                        "Eva and Percy Guest with Don (R) and Col Guest 1920's."

Don and Col in their teens

"Don and Col Guest - 1940"  age 21

In uniform - location unknown

"Mr Wells, Col Guest, Bob Wells - 1942." This makes Col 23. Taken at View Bank with the shearing shed behind and
Mussett Hut  in the distance. 'Mr Wells' is Les Wells.

  "Nov 1942. Scrubbing Down Decks"
                        Probably HMAS Hobart.


                                               "Taken from Nagsui Newspaper building, Hiroshima"
Military Records

Trooper ,

Service Australian Army
Date of Birth 12 February 1919
Place of Birth EVANDALE, TAS
Locality on Enlistment EVANDALE, TAS
Place of Enlistment MONA VALE, TAS
Next of Kin GUEST, EVA
Date of Discharge 1 January 1942
Posting at Discharge 22 LIGHT HORSE REGIMENT







Service Royal Australian Navy
Date of Birth 12 February 1919
Place of Birth EVANDALE, TAS
Date of Enlistment 9 October 1941
Home Port/Port Division HOBART, TAS
Next of Kin GUEST, PERCY
Date of Discharge 12 July 1946
Posting at Discharge HMAS Huon


"Pop Guest, Nan Guest, Col, Anne Manning"
Bay window of the dining room at View Bank is clearly shown.

Taken at View Bank with Anne Manning again - shearing shed in background

  On leave.

             With Don and mother Eva at View Bank.

On his Bantam motorcycle. Don on the left, unknown and John Ware
next to Col. John was Col's best friend during the war and also his
best man. He lived in Victoria

Col worked on his father's farms, View Bank and Brookside. He and Jenny lived at Brookside and farmed there after his parents left Evandale to live in Devonport.

Col and Jenny eventually moved to Devonport where Col worked for Motors Car Sales for many years.

Peter Guest, Col. Philip and Don Guest

 Wedding to Jenny Jones

''Bridesmaid Jean Braslin and best man John Ware from Victoria''

                                                                 A daughter Judith in 1961

"Bream fish 10lbs, Airlie Beach - Sept 1964 Queensland"

           Prize winning dahlias in Devonport 1975

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