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                FRANKLIN James John (1819 - 27/10/1902)  06FRJ0
Father        :      XXXXXXX        Xxxxxxxx                                       
Mother       :      XXXXXXX        Xxxxxxxx
Siblings     :      ?

(1):       ?                     Eliza           (Died 15/11/1854 at Evandale. bur. St Andrews CE, Evandale)

(2):     COX    Mary Ann     (19/02/1855 at The Manse Evandale)
Issue          :
    Elizabeth     *Edward    Eliza   James   Sarah    William   Mary    Francis     Frances


James Franklin from Fanny Daw's Album

Born in Aylesbury, Bucks UK. Some sources say 1819 and others 1825 and even later. His age at death according to his headstone was 83 making his birth year 1819 or 1820.

James could not sign his name and his occupation was a dealer 1856 and 1857 and after that a labourer.

James, presumably with his wife and older children leased a house in Evandale from William Thompson of Clarendon in 1860 and later from 1864 -1867 leased a house from John Hanney (b1803-d1876).  It stood on under one acre of land and the rateable value was
10. By 1871 James occupied a house owned by W Marshman and lived there until at least the end of January in 1873. By December 1873 James occupied a house in Murray St, Evandale, owned by Thomas Fall and appears to have stayed there until at least 1885.  In 1873 Thomas Fall owned 60 acres in Russell St and owned and operated the Clarendon Arms Hotel, which still operates as a hotel, until his death in 1888.

                  Clarendon Arms Hotel, corner of Russell and Scone Sts. Evandale. (photo P.Guest, 2008)

In June1876 James and Thomas Hanney were granted Tanner's Licences under the provisions of the Act of Parliament. James' Licence No was an117 and Thomas' was 123.

On Friday 17/11/1882  The Government Gazette - Reports on Crime, reported convictions, during that week, for James' son William and another boy Alfred Sutton who was described as a servant. Both boys were fined for larceny an described as 13 years old and 4ft 3 inches tall. Alfred Sutton later became the second husband of James' eldest daughter, Elizabeth. 

In 1885 another son, James Jun (James Cox Franklin), had left home and occupied a house in Russell St owned by Mrs E Hood.  By 1894 James (Sen.) occupied a house with land (1 acre) in Russell St owned by W Franklin, presumably his son William Thomas.  James occupied this house until at least 1900 and probably until his death in 1902. Another son Edward in1894 occupied a house in Russell St owned by F Franklin who is unknown to me. Might be a misspelling of 'E'.

His wife Mary Ann Cox was the daughter of William Thomas Cox (b 1803 bur 14/08/1855 Evandale) a labourer of Everton and
Eliza Saunders (Alias Wall. b 1805 d 25/12/1850) . Mary Ann was born 25/05/1837 at "Springs" Tasmania and
died 06/12/1908 aged 72 years.

                                                           Mary Ann Cox from Fanny Daw's Album

Graves of Frances Maud Franklin and parents James John Franklin and Mary Ann Franklin (nee Cox) at the
Church of England Cemetery, Evandale, Tasmania.

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