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                FRANKLIN Eva Susan Mary (01/06/1895  -  05/10/1974)       08FRE0
Father   :  FRANKLIN     *Edward Henry                                       
Mother  :  DAWE     Fanny   Elizabeth
Siblings:  Alice

Married :
  GUEST   * Percy Charles  (16/09/1915, Presbyterian Church Evandale)
Issue     :
  * Donald     Colin


                  "Eva Franklin 5 months old.
                    Bright pink frock, white pinafore - threaded with same
                   coloured ribbon as frock. Pink booties. Some girl eh?"

  11 months

                             "To Dear Beryl, with love from Eva F"

                                        "Eva Guest & Dad & House Keeper for 33 yrs Miss Anny Vaux."
"Dad" is Edward Henry Franklin and needed a house keeper after his wife (Eva's mother) Fanny,
died in 1897 when Eva was two. Not sure who the child is. See detail of photo below.


                                                            Eva on the right and Flora Ralston.
                                Outside St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Evandale

Percy Guest second from left, son Colin next to him and then Eva. Judging Colin's age at about 20 puts the
time at about 1939, making Eva about 44. The other women are recognisable as Pattersons and the photo is probably taken on the front veranda of one of the Russell St houses near the old Show Grounds at Evandale.

"Taken in the corner sheep yards end of old stable. Redburns house in distance.
Notice white spot on Blackies head. "  Not sure of the male but other lady is
most likely Corrie Patterson.

Corrie(?) Patterson, Eva and unidentified (Could be Anny Vaux). 
Taken at Brookside, farm on Nile Road, about 1 km south of Evandale. c 1960.
Not sure who is peering through the window.

Flora Ralston, Peter Guest, Don Guest and Eva aged 76 at
Michael Guest's wedding in Burnie in 1971.

                                                        Outside her unit in Devonport with Mary Hart

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