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                FRANKLIN Edward Henry (30/08/1857 - 13/08/1924)  07FRE1
Father    :    FRANKLIN     *James John                                       
Mother   :  COX   Mary Ann
Siblings:    Elizabeth   Eliza   James   Sarah    William   Mary    Francis     Frances

Married :
   DAWE   Fanny Elizabeth (8/06/1882 at Red Banks, Tasmania)
Issue     :
  * Eva   Alice

Born in Evandale and buried at St Andrew CE Evandale. Baptised 06/04/1859 at St Andrew CE Evandale.

Edward was a farmer at Evandale. He became a general dealer, selling meat, chaff, wheat etc. He also hired horses
to those who needed one and used his cart to transport goods for other people. He did contract ploughing and contract
shearing and at these time he employed men to work on his team. Some of these were E Duffy, A Banks, J Green,
J Davies and J Daymon. Edward did a lot of work for Misses Fall, everything from killing pigs, ploughing and sowing, to carting wood. Edward was a committee member of the Evandale Agricultural Show Society in 1904. [Show Society records]

 In1894 Edward occupied a house in Russell St owned by F Franklin who is unknown to me. Might be a misspelling of 'E'.
By 1894 Edward appears to be a busy man according to the Assessment Roll for the Water District of Evandale.

Map showing the land owned by JI Boyes (underline) and a general site of Edward's Russel St home.

The house in at 36 Russell St Evandale, home of Edward and possibly his father James.
(Photo P Guest 2008)

Edward still had this portfolio in 1920 and probably until his death in 1924 because his daughter Eva has a similar portfolio in 1925, the year after Edward's death. While Eva is recorded as the owner, her husband Percy Charles Guest is listed as the occupier.

"Dad and uncle Will Daw."
William Henry Daw is Fanny Daw's brother and married Edward's sister, Sarah Mary

                                                          Edward from Fanny Daw's Album

                           On his honeymoon with Fanny c 1882 and another of Fanny from Fanny Daw's Album

 "Eva Guest & Dad & House Keeper for 33yrs Miss Anny Vaux."
"Dad" is Edward Henry Franklin and needed a house keeper after his wife (Eva's mother) Fanny,
died in 1897 when Eva was two. Not sure who the child is. See detail of photo below. Photo taken at Edward's house on land that fronted onto Russell St. and backed onto Collins St., Evandale.


 An earlier photo taken in the same yard.( From the Evandale History Society ). "Perc, Jim Green and Dad."
is Percy Charles Guest and Dad is Edward Franklin: husband and father of Eva Franklin respectively.
Not sure who Jim Green is. The sheds were used by neighbour Joe Peterson to store machinery.


                                                           Edward's Diary. Click here for more detail.

                                            Edward Franklin with his grandson Donald Guest. - 1917

                      Edward's brother William 1870-1943 and sister Eliza - from Fanny Daw's Album


                     Edward and Fanny's grave site, Church of England Cemetery, Evandale, Tasmania
                     (Photos by P Guest 2008)

In Loving Memory
Fanny Elizabeth
Beloved Wife of
Edward Franklin
Died June 2 1897
Aged 33 Years





She was a kind and
affectionate wife, loving
mother and a friend to all.

Died August 13 1924
Aged 67 Years


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