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Main Menu

About         :
This page.
Cast            :
A list and the location of every individual named on this site.
Guestbook: Leave a comment, information or request or just say hello.
Overview   :
An overview of the relationships of the main families in this site.
Sources    :
A list of sources and links to useful sites
Updates    : A table of updates to this site.

Places Index: An index for some important places mentioned on this site. The Places pages open in the same frame when opened using the index but open in a new window when opened from other pages such as Personal Profile pages. New windows have to be closed or minimised.

This is a good place to start as the Family Trees have links to all other places in this site including Family Tree Branches and Personal Profiles (See below).

    04 GUEST      AR

       John           Robert         * Mary
c1880-<1950  1890-?        bp1910-
    04GUJ0         04GUR1         04GUM0
  04 = Generation. My generation =10, my parents 09 etc
  AR = Information contributor  eg Anntoinette or Bruce Ralston (BR)

  First Name. Robert and * Mary have links to Personal Profiles. * Mary is a direct ancestor of mine for this family
  Birth Year-Death Yearc =about, ? = unknown, bp = baptised, < = before, > = after,  blank = still living
  ID Code.  04 = Generation (Mine = 10), GU = 1st 2 letters of surname, J = 1st letter of First Name, 0 = unique number
  Marriage Year.  m
(1) and m(2) are used if more than one marriage. The spouse's name will appear on the next line.
  p is sometimes used for partner

                                                 Above is a Guide to understanding Family Trees in this site

Profiles Menu

Contains a list of all individuals that have a Personal Profile page dedicated to them. Personal Profiles can be opened from this menu or from links on the Family Trees (see Trees above). Feel free to submit enough information to open a new page for a favourite family member.

B - Navigation

This site is relatively simple. Being familiar with the menus (above) and your browser's forward and back page buttons located top left of screen should be sufficient. There are Back and Home buttons on most pages but  they will take you to the top of a page, while the browser buttons take you to the same position on the previous page.

C - Photographs

Some pages contain a large number of photographs. As a matter of policy I have presented quite large photographs so the detail can be appreciated. Some photos, if saved to the desktop, will be larger than they actually appear on the page. The result of this is that some pages will take some time to open, especially on older machines - so please be patient and in cases of extreme delays, please contact me.

Most of the original scans are vastly larger than those presented and if anyone would like an original, feel free to email me and request a copy. (Right click on the photo and check Properties to find the photos title).

Whenever a photo had a caption, title or notes written on it, I have included that information in quotation marks.

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