Places: The Aird, Inch, Wigtownshire, Scotland
Includes: The Aird, Inch, Kirkcolm


The Aird, Inch, Wigtownshire
*Robert Ralston (1756-1837) was was in Inch probably by 1803, definitely at The Aird in 1805 and still there in 1823 when he and his son Matthew purchased the Amity to fit it out for the voyage to Tasmania. Most, if not all. of his children to Elizabeth Bryce were born at The Aird.

Detail of Stranraer area showing Kirkcolm where Gavin Ralston (03RAG0) of Auchangramount was buried in1818

                                      The Aird, Inch, Wigtownshire - taken by Diana Henry

The Aird is a substantial farmhouse located on considerable farmlands on the Earl of Stair's estate. It is a short distance from Stranraer, near Loch Inch. Around 1803-1805 Robert Ralston moved here and most of his children were born here. It appears to struggle for lightness and presents a somber mood. Not far from The Aird  on the Western Coast in a picturesque bay lies Port Logan, with its beautiful Logan Botanical Garden and the Logan Fish Pond. In 1800 this was established as fresh seawater for Logan House. Perhaps these places provided inspiration for Robert to name his Tasmanian grant Logan Falls and later just Logan.

                                                        Logan Fish Pond - an aerial view

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