Catch up on Facebook

Hi Family Members,

Some of your relatives might be living around the corner and you donít know it! I have created closed Facebook groups for each of the families listed on the Main Menu of this site. If you would like to join one (or more) of these groups to share family history and photos, please friend me.

Visit my Facebook account, tell me how you relate to the ancestors named below and ask to join a group.

Guest Family Group

Descendants of William Guest (1819?- ?) and Mary Ann McIntyre (c1825-1870)

Ralston Family Group

Descendants of Robert Ralston (1756-1837) and Elizabeth Bryce (1776-1860) who arrived in Tasmania on the Amity.

Franklin Family Group

Descendants of James John Franklin (1833-1902) and Mary Ann Cox (1837-1908)

Dawe Family Group

Descendants of Isaac Dawe (1827-1892) and Elizabeth Melloney Statton (c1827-1864)


Cheers Phil